Moving Checklist

Georgia Movers Association checks each member’s GADMVS certificate, workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage and reputation before accepting them as a GaMA member. We recommend these steps for a successful move.

WEEK 12 – 9

  • Establish who will be paying for your move, whether it be your company or yourself.
  • Decide the dates when you want to move.
  • Begin selecting a mover. Obtain estimates from different companies and select the one that best meets your needs.
  • Make arrangements in your new town for residency.

WEEK 8 – 6

  • Make final selection on mover. Meet with your mover to discuss all details: cost insurance, packing, loading, delivery, and claims procedures.
  • Begin change of address process.
  • This is a good time for spring cleaning. Decide on items that you do not want to move and have a garage sale.
  • Check on school enrollment requirements.
  • Organize car drivers license and tag requirements.
  • Call your home and car insurance agents to discuss coverage in your new town.
  • Choose a bank and establish accounts.

WEEK 5 – 4

  • Arrange for school records to be transferred to new town.
  • Now is the time to get appraisals on antiques, or items of high value.
  • Decide on travel arrangements. Make hotel reservations.
  • Send change of address cards.


  • Get copies of all records such as medical, veterinarian, accountants, schools, etc.
  • Contact the utility company about the termination of service date, and also notify the new utilities of the start of service date in your new town.
  • Confirm moving dates with your mover.


  • If you are planning on packing yourself, begin packing.
  • Apartment dwellers make arrangements for movers to use elevator on your move day.
  • If necessary arrange for storage of household goods.
  • Have furniture or carpets cleaned or repaired.
  • Have any repairs made on your new home.


  • Make special arrangements for transporting pets and plants.
  • Transfer prescriptions.
  • Discontinue delivery services.
  • Defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers to be moved.
  • If traveling by car have your car serviced.
  • Pack your personal belongings that you are taking with you.
  • Arrange for cash/traveler’s checks for trip expenses, and cash/certified check for payment to mover.